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There was a meeting on May 19th with regard to the save the Yamuna project. Due to governmental lethargy, asecond yatra, by vehicle, has begun from the same location, to go to the various surrounding districts and villages to create ‘an awareness’ and gain support in the future case against the goverment. This is such a monumental venture, which will require an added drive to get the job done.

In attendance were, Śrī Ramesh Bābājī Mahārāja, Kokilavan Mahant, Bhanu Pratap, Jaya Sri Kṛṣṇa dasa, Rajendra Sing and Jal Purush, the water minister, environmentalists and social workers. It is inspirational how different persons from various backgrounds have been brought together for this noble cause. Each spoke with such heart-felt conviction, concluding with Bābā Śrī’s over whelming and commanding kirtan and lecture, inspiring and solidifying the hearts of all.

He is performing a great feat, inspiring/empowering others on a long road, an eventual victory, all the while giving all credit to Śrī Ji, and those in service to Her. Every effort undertaken by Śrī Ramesh Bābājī Mahārāja is victorious, a feature of his ‘predestined presence’.

What a great fortune is there for anyone who also assists him in this way. A hidden mystery around this important cause is a unification of not only individuals, but also collectives, religious organizations, unions, and governmental agencies, who will all benefit respectively according to their goals. Such is the power and purpose this event, then why not instead of watching a spiritual history go by, join, and become part of a spiritual history.