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With absolute mercy of Shri Radha Rani, we are very happy to see how Yamuna Ji campaign is spreading all over the world.

Thousands of devotees are coming forward and joining hands. In Germany, now almost all devotees know about situation about Yamuna Ji as most of the ISKCON temples have taken efforts to show presentation and distributed flyers explaining the cause.

Many temples dedicated sankeertan and awareness programs to Yamuna Ji cause.

Berlin temple – Flyers, Sunday program dedicated to Yamuna Ji, Ratha Yatra dedicated to Yamuna Ji

Leipzig temple – Flyers, 12 hour Kirtan for Yamuna Ji, Sunday program dedicated to Yamuna Ji, Ratha Yatra dedicated to yamuna Ji still to come

Munich temple – Flyers Kolone temple – Flyers, Ratha Yatra dedicated to Yamuna Ji Jena Gundica Mandira – Flyers, Sunday program for Yamuna Ji,

Chemnitz Bhakti Yoga centre – Flyers, Friday program for Yamuna Ji, international Kirtan Meela event still to come with information booth for Yamuna Ji cause

Hamburg temple – Flyers Wiesbaden temple – Flyers

Goloka Dhama – Main Radha Krishna temple in Germany – Flyers, Information booth at Janmastami for Yamuna Ji

Nrisimha Ksetra – main Nrisimha temple outside of India – Flyers, information

Devotees of Switzerland expressed their willingness to become part of the campaign and requested to have the campaign material to spread it in the main temple in Z├╝rich.

Also, the campaign is spreading in Italy. There were information booths set up in 2 main temples in Italy at occasion of a dedicated programs with HH Radhanath Maharaja. Many devotees signed Save Yamuna petition.

At the same occasion, a number Serbian devotees got the opportunity to know about the cause and temple president of the main temple in Serbia took information material and promised to spread the message amongst the devotees in Serbia.