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I came Bombay in the morning with Sanjeev Jindal to attend ISKCON Juhu temple ‘Save Yamuna Programs’. Temple president ‘Braj Hari Prabhu’ arranged everything with the weeping heart for Yamuna Ji. Since morning to evening I addressed 4 huge meetings in Juhu ISKCON temple in front of thousands of devotees. Many many devotees are attached with this issue now ‘by heart’. Very successful it was.

All the devotees joined ‘Save Yamuna Nagar Sankeertan’ from Juhu temple to Juhu temple via Juhu beach. It took almost 1 hour. Very much inspiring it was. So many devotees from India and abroad attended this protest (Program) very enthusiastically. Many popular personalities also came as special guests. Soordas Prabhu compared very nicely.

First of all Anuradha Paudwal had spoken very specific and to the point. She said, ” we all are concerned with ‘Yamuna Maiya’. We are not talking about pollution of Yamuna because there is no pollution in Yamuna Ji, because there is NO YAMUNA AT ALL IN BRAJ VRINDAVAN !.

There is only polluted drains coming from anywhere else. So please bring back our mother river Shri Yamuna JI to her own home ‘Braj-Vrindavan’.” Then one very popular writer Ram Govind (who wrote Ramayan & Mahabharat TV Serial) spoke that Shri Krishna also cleaned this river Yamuna by removing serpent ‘Kaliya’ but today a huge serpent ‘Kaliya’ entered again into the river.

This river is poisoned again. We must come forward to do something to clean Yamuna Ji. Then I was requested to show the reality to everyone. Everybody was shocked after watching the current status of Yamuna Ji. Specially Pandit Jasraj, Hema Malini and Ravi Kishan were looking very attached to this topic because after Yamuna presentation they had given deep comments. Then Pandit Jasraj said, “It’s really very shocking news to know that in Krishna’s Braj there is no Yamuna Ji at all!!! I’m feeling shame on me that I always sing her glory and at the same time I do nothing for her ! We must do our best for this noble cause”.

Then Hema Malini said, “Definitely it’s a very shocking news that there is no Yamuna Ji in Braj Bhoomi. I always go there with very deep feelings and sometimes perform Krishna leela dance in front of Yamuna Ji, but it’s shocking that I was performing in front of a ‘sewage naala’ !!! So bad it is that in the same Braj…Shri Krishna’s land, slaughter houses are killing Shri Krishna’s Cows… You please do let me know that exactly what should I do, I promise I’ll do whatever I can do for Krishna”. Then another bollywood star Ravi Kishan from UP said, “I’ll spread this ‘Shocking News’ everywhere, especially in Bihar, U.P. …’Aag laga doonga’..”.

He gave his cell # to Sanjeev Jindal. Bhima Prabhu (a very senior devotee from ISKCON) appreciated this effort very much and offered me to show the same presentation in front of GBC meeting. He said that Yamuna ji needs nothing. She is so powerful and can do whatever she want.

If she want to flow, no one can stop her. She is our mother and taking care of us. She stopped herself to give us opportunity to serve her, so that we can meet Krishna ASAP”. Wow.. I loved this message. At the end Dileep Mehra Ji also fired-up everyone within 5 min (very enthusiastically). Dileep ji is getting so much mercy from Shri Radha Rani. He did everything possible for this success. I can say that he was a one man show behind these programs. Juhu Bombay, Delhi and other ISKCON centers came forward by his dedicated efforts. Shri Radha Rani have chosen him as Her instrument to serve Braj.

After this program, media came forward to take interviews, explained them too. Then so many young devotees approached me to join this noble cause. When I was on the way of Ila-Shailesh’s house, Dileep ji told me over the phone, “people are really very highly fired up and very much eager to join this movement and do something much more big. Specially youth is very much excited”. In parallel to this program Delhi ISKCON with other 4 ISKCON temples (thousands of devotees) joined the ‘Save Yamuna Dharna’ at Jantar-Mantar, Delhi. Thousands of ISKCON devotees did sankeertan for many hours. Next Sunday 8 may, 2011 Meera Road ISKCON is planning another ‘Yamuna – Back to Braj’ Nagar Sankeertan. I’ll also join this