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The Government of India can allow A Minimum Ecological Flow of Nataural River Waters on the Entire Stretch of  the River.

All it needs is a Political Will – Public Will – YOUR WILL.

You CAN :

    1. Pray each and everyday for Yamuna Ji. Include your family and friends if possible. Hari Naam has unimaginable powers.
    2. Sign the petition on this website. You signature carries a lot of value.
    3. Send a hard copy to Prime Minister of India and other ministers concerned on the issue. Based on our experience, sending physical version of your expression works much better than email. All you need to do is download a ready to use letter template attached below under attachments, have them signed by you, your family members and your friends and mail them physically to following address. The second page of the petition is where you can collect signatures. If you are planning to attend a big event where you think can collect more signatures, simply make copies of the 2nd page and attach them to the main petition:
      PM Office
      South Block, Raisina Hill,
      New Delhi 110001Also attached is the copy of the other address of office of PM with contact and fax numbers. You can find both  under attachement section.
    4. Spread the message to all who care. There is strength in numbers. If there is enough display of public will from both India and abroad, the Indian authorities shall see reason and cleanse Yamuna ji for all times to come.
    5. We should begin  this awareness right from us . Discuss with friends, relatives and everyone you know. Spread the issue through phone calls, emails, facebook, twitter, orkut and other social networks.
    6. Put up ‘Yamuna – Back to Braj’ banners, wherever you do sankeertan and other programs. You can downlaod the required material from our site here .
    7. At least once in a week, organize simple (easily doable) Harinaam Nagar Sankeertan with ‘Save Yamuna’ banners. If possible take pictures and vidoes of the event and post it on our website through blogs and any other web space which you think can help spread the message.
    8. Involve influential people (try to think through your friends and family links, you will suprisingly find many) to spread this issue through national / international news TV channels, news papers etc.
    9. Anyone can sponsor national / international religious TV Channels like Astha / Sanskaar. Television is a strong medium which can effectively spread the issues of Yamuna ji in a qualitative & quantitative way.
    10. Vaishnava institutions, such as ISKCON, Pushtimarga etc, are everywhere in the world. Try to involve every center. In Ratha-Yatras and other festivals put big banners on the Rathas, so that devotees can understand the seriousness of the issue. Such festivals are the great opportunities spread this message.
    11. Be amongst the other 100,000 people who shall virtually push the idea through phone calls, faxes or E – Mails.

You can e-mail, call, fax your concerns to them. You can push this already studied, approved remedy to the authorities at…

Sh Manmohan Singh – Prime minister of India – 011-23018939, [email protected]

Smt Sonia Gandhi – Chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance – 011- 23014161, [email protected]

Rahul Gandhi General Secretary – Indian National Congress – 011-23795161, 011-23012410, [email protected]

Smt. Jayanti Natrajan – Minister of Environment & Forests – 011-24638111, 011-24362222, [email protected]

Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal –  Minister of Water Resources – 011-23714200, 011-23710804, [email protected]

Lt Gov of Delhi –  [email protected]

CM of Delhi – 011-23392020, 23392030, 23392111 (fax), [email protected]

Shri Bhupindra Singh Hooda – 0172-2749396, 2749409 (off), 2740526 (fax), [email protected] 

President of BJP – [email protected]

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha – [email protected]

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha – [email protected]