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One of the legends of Pushti Margiya Sampradaya, the Vraj Temple of Pennsylvania USA, has been providing a lot of support to save yamuna campaign. The Vraj temple management has been working very closely with us to provide all type of support to spread awareness about the Yamuna ji state. It is worth noticing that Shri Yamuna Ji is a major part of the daily worship of followers of Pushti Margiyas and therefore Shri Yamuna Ji is very close there heart.

Vraj temple celebrates a number of events every year such as Holi festival, Nandotsava celebration, Krishna Janmashtami, Shri Radha Janmashtami, Haryalee Teej, Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Saptaha and many more. During these events, there are thousands of the devotees visit the temple from all over the world. During these events, we are always welcome and are provided all we need to setup booths, deliver presentations, show educating videos, distribute audio and video material to educate others.