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Every year hundreds of thousands of devotees participate in Janmashtami celebration through out India and abroad. It is a perfect opportunity spread the awareness about the yamuna ji issue. We have been working with major organizations in Delhi Mumbai, Kolkata, and Mathura that host large scale Janmashtami celebrations. They are very supportive of the idea and have been helping us to organize the event. There are so many events taking place in one day at a time that we are falling short of the number of the volunteers needed to support the campaign.

We need your help in our save Yamuna campaign! Do you live in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Mathura? Are you planning on going to a temple for darshan on Shri Krishna Janamastmi festival? If yes, then you can help. Thousands of devotees will be coming to the temple for darshan, and our objective is to get as many signatures as possible. If you can volunteer some time for Shri Krishna’s lovely Yamuna River during Janamastmi there will be no greater service. Please contact us at the number listed below, and get the details for this service.

Ravi Monga

Cell Phone: +91 9811101236

Or send us an email at [email protected] to know about it.

If you are not in India and want to help the cause, please get in touch with your local temple and work out the arrangement of a booth or a table. Janmashtami festival is a great opportunity to meet a lot of Krishna devotees at one place at a time. For your ease, we have place all the material you need to organize the campaign under our download section.

Download Yamuna Campaign Meterial