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Pushtimargiya has always been at the forefront standing with anyone whenever there is voice for Yamuna Ji protection and revival. With the great efforts of Shri Pankaj Baba of Vrindavan, a huge number of Pushtimargiya organizations and Acharyas have joined the call for Yamuna Muktikaran Abhiyan Padyatra of Mar 15, 2015.

Recently, Yamuna Muktikaran Abhiyan volunteers visited Rajkot Gujarat. Devotees and representatives of various organizations who support Yamuna Ji gathered in an event organized with the effort of Shri Pankaj Baba. Pushtimargiya Bhaktas assured that they will come and join the Yatra in big number. Here are some of the moments.20150203_230510 20150203_232748 20150203_232758