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  • There is not one drop of Natural Fresh River Water in River Yamuna in Delhi & Beyond.
  • Almost 97% of Original River Waters are taken away from River Yamuna, only a few kilometers from its birthplace – Yamnotri.
  • What flows in Mathura – Vrindavan is simply filthy and heavily polluted sewage from Shahdra Drain of Delhi, polluted Hindon and other smaller wastewater drains.
  • No amount of treatment can bring the qualities of Fresh natural water in a river. The river needs dilution capacity – minimum ecological flow at all costs. Any river does.
  • Despite of Supreme Courts approved High Powered Committee’s directives, the minimum adequate flow of Natural Fresh Waters is not being allowed to flow in River Yamuna.
  • Millions of religious/spiritual tourist visits the temple towns on River Yamuna every year. It is a shame that they are duped into bathing and drinking the filthiest of waters as none of them realize that it is only poisonous sewage. Their spiritual emotions and faith are being hoodwinked. 

We stand for bringing Back River Yamuna to its people, wildlife and ecology.

Take YOUR stand for River Yamuna.

Ask for Adequate natural fresh waters to flow through the entire stretch of Yamuna River. This shall dilute its uncontrolled pollution and bring back the original river back to its people, wildlife and ecology.

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