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Shri Maan Mandir Seva Santhan, with the help of Bhartiya Kisan Union (Bhanu) organized mahapanchayat at Mathura UP to spread awareness about Yamuna ji issue and to protest against government’s lethargic behavior towards this issue. The protest was attended by leaders of various communities including Muslims, Christen, Jains etc. The representatives spoke on the issue and expressed their concerns over inaction of the govt.

It is worth noticing that govt have NOT done enough after the shocking truth was exposed about the Shri Yamuna Ji that it does NOT exist after Hathani Kund Haryana. Haryana takes away more than 97% of Yamuna water and Yamuna bed is empty for next 140 kms. Yamuna river dies there.

There are hundreds of volunteers in India as well as around the world have joined hands now and are working together to spread awareness about the issue by organizing various events in their neighborhood.

Like always, Shri Baba Maharaj roared like a lion and brought listeners’ blood to their skin. Take a look and experience yourself.