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The Grand & Famous Jagganath Rath Yatra was celebrated with great arrangements and public participation.

This week long celebration of Rath Yatra saw around 70000 devotees on the first day of Yatra.The carnival which is held in the center of Kolkata City saw 200000 visitors. The return of Rath (ulta Rath) saw another 70000 devotees turn up. It was a great success.

Several volunteers from ISKCON campaigned for River YAMUNA Cause. The services of Shri Keshav Anand Das were distinguished and true.

Around 30000 Pamplets/fliers and 10000 stickers were distributed to spread awareness. A lot of banners were put on the carnival and on various vehicles accompanying the Rath. A lot of enquiries and concern were raised by saddened devotees who got to know about the appalling state of Holy River Shri Yamuna ji.

Thousands of devottees promised to send online petitions to the Indian government through our website www.saveyamuna.org. This was later evident by the number of petitions going up in the next few days.

It was a big day as it was a BIG opputunity for Devotional Service to Krishna and his Dham Braj-Vrindavan.