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ISKCON has been instrumental in spreading the awareness about the issues related to Yamuna river. A number of well known centers of ISKCON spread across the worlds have taken up the cause and dedicated themselves to support the campaign “Bring Yamuna River Back To Braj”.  This has certainly helped reaching out to the masses who are concerned about Braj cullture, Shri Krishna, Shri Vrindavan Dham and Shro Yamuan Ji.

ISKCON’s stepping forward is not only a great addition to the yamuna ji’s cuase but also a healthy message of unity to entire Hindu community. Some of the centers worth mention here such as ISCKON Delhi (IND), ISCKON Juhu (Bombay, IND), ISCKON Chaupatty (Bombay, IND), ISCKON Meera Road (Bombay, IND), ISCKON Punjabi Bagh (Delhi, IND), ISCKON Calcutta (IND), ISCKON Mayapur (IND), ISCKON Vasai (Bombay, IND), All three centers of ISCKON near Delhi (IND), ISCKON Manchester (UK), ISCKON Birmingham (UK), ISCKON London (Bhakti Vedanta Manor and other one too, UK), All ISCKON centers of Germany, ISCKON Zurich (Switzerland), ISCKON Belgium (Radha Desh), ISCKON New Vrindavan (USA), ISCKON Potomac (USA), ISCKON Baltimore (USA), ISCKON Harrisburg (USA), ISCKON Atlanta (USA), ISCKON Huston (USA), and many more.