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An international delegation consisting of people from different walks of life including environmentalists, social activists, experts of water treatment, and various representatives of national and international NGOs and Non-profit organizations working consistently towards saving, otherwise officially declared DEAD, Yamuna River has kicked off a journey today to Yamunotri, the origin of Holy river Yamuna supporting 80 million people throughout its journey to Sangam.

The objective of the visit is to closely assess the ground realities and gather as many facts about the complete Yamuna river as posible. This, much needed information will be very helpful in handling the movement legally.

The international delegation is represented by noticeable international figures including a famous photographer from Croatia, who became really concerned after he came in contact with the activists of “Braj Yamuna Back To Braj” Campaign during various events in England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Croatia and many other European cities and learned about the state of River Yamuna. He has been working major media groups in Europe to create a documentary report on Yamuna River.

It is also accompanied by representatives of three other major Non-Profit organizations in USA known for there work in the direction of saving and treating water bodies. Another famous couple from Germany representing world famous ISKCON(Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia and many other countries in Europe) also joined the team. They have been working very hard in bringing the issue into light and create awareness about the pathetic state of river Yamuna among masses in Europe.

Not only internationally, ISKCON has been very supportive to the cause in India as well. Major ISKCON centers in India such as Mayapur ISKCON, Chaupati and Juhu ISKCON, have been helping spread the awareness about the real situation of the river.

Representatives from England and Middle East have also joined the crew and had been working with local political representatives to create pressure on India Government to handle the issue appropriately from environmental point of view.

Pushti Margiya of USA has taken the matter very seriously and sent their representative in the delegation. During the visit of Shri Brajraj Sharan from Shri Maan Mandir Seva Sansthan Trust, they had very high level board member meetings on how it can help save Yamuna river and help the movement. They have organized a number of awareness programs and have been working with members of Environment Ministry of India.

The crew will remain incomplete without local activities who have been working day and night to bring Yamuna back to life. Three well known Yamuna activist and environmentalists from Delhi have also joined the team.

During the trip, the delegation will take samples of the Yamuna water from different points of the course the river, capture various instances where the real Yamuna water is diverted from its course, record the length of empty Yamuna bed after Hathani Kund, assess the impact of lack of water at various dependent objects such as Taj Mahal in Agra among many of the projected action items.