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More than 3000 devotees from ISKCON Bombay came forward to bring our Yamuna Ji back to Braj bhoomi. It was really an amazing scene when thousands of Krishna devotees (including non-devotees) spread Yamuina River’s issue among so many concerned and unconcerned people from Bombay and outside also. To begin with, they performed there regular Sunday Bhagwatam class with the gathered devotees at the temple.

Then they invited representatives of Shri Maan Mandir to show our presentation in front of Thakur Ji (in the temple) and all the devotees followed by an annoucement timings of Chalo Chaupati Campaign, which was after the afternoon feast. So much was their anthusiasm that the congrogation finished their feast must earlier than the regular time. The Sankeertan Yatra began with wonderful group sankeertan. Everybody was so happy.

When asked, Radha Priay Dasa replied, “I’m so glad today because Lord Krishna is using my body for his service. He is really so mercy full, may be that’s why I’m thinking that I can even die for this cause”. Everyone was loudly singing the holy name to save yamuna on the roads of Mumbai. Everybody was holding banners saying, “Save Yamuna or discard national anthem”, “Take your sewage”, “Give our Yamuna River”, “Save Yamuna to save yourself” etc.

Everybody was exchanging information about the issue with each other orally and through flayers. Participants were even wearing attractive uniforms to catch attention of the people. It was a very HOT day there in Mumbai but thopusands of people decided to join the movement.