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Janamastmi was celebrated with great enthusiasm and large numbers across hundreds of temples in New Delhi.The three centres of ISKCON in New Delhi however were the prime destinations of all devotees in Delhi. Elaborate arrangements and programs marked the festival in ISKCON Temples.

The enthusiasm was equally present among the volunteers of SAVE YAMUNA Campaign. Various booths were set up across temples of Delhi. Thousands of devotees took interest on the issues of Yamuna River.

Petitions were signed in numbers, 440000 fliers were individually distributes and hundreds of Banners put up across. The number of On Line petitions that were received on the website was a clear indicator of the volume of people who got concerned and took time to sign them.

It indeed was a shocking news for Devotees that River Yamuna has been totally taken away before reaching Braj Vrindavan.It was a day of successful campaign and in the true sense Devotional Service to none other than Krishna.