“Yamuna River is DEAD” – Govt Of India

What flows in Yamuna is nothing but dirty untreated sewage water of Delhi

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Saints and Brajwasis Feel Betrayed, Demand for Releasing Yamuna River Rises Again

On Mar 18, 2015 Shri Ravi Shankar ji, Law Minister of India, represented our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji and declared that all the demands of "the great Yamuna Muktikaran Pad Yatra" had been accepted by the Modi government. Shri Modi Ji's election campaign...
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Government Accepted All Demands Of The Movement!!

Job well done!!! Yamuna River will soon come back to Braj!!! Government accepted ALL demands of the movement!!! Government expressed willingness to talk to the representatives on 21st morning. As per the media reports, respected PM Modi Ji was closely watching every...
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80,000 people are walking to Delhi

The great Yamuna Muktikaran Abhiyan Padyatra of March 15, 2015 is getting overwhelming response on its journey to free Yamuna river. As per some media reports, around 80,000 people are walking. #Yamuna #YMA...
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Talks with Uma Bharti Failed

Talks with Uma Bharti failed. She tried to persuade the Yatra with promises only. However, the Yatra simply refused to accept any promises this time. They left the respected minister behind on the road and moved on.Here are some media...
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Union Water Resources Minister Shri Uma Bharti Visited Yamuna Muktikaran Padyatra At Palwal

Water Resources Union Minister Shri Uma Bharti Ji came to meet Yamuna Muktikaran Abhiyan representatives. She assured for future actions, very much what happened in the past. However, this time they refused to accept any assurances. They clearly mentioned we need...
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Rain couldn’t stop the Padyatra

There has been heavy rain on the first day of the Padyatra however the mood of the people was unbeaten. The devotees and volunteers was even more determined to begin the journey of liberation of Yamuna river. #YMA #15Mar2015...
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Padyatra Eve Rocks Kosi Kalan

The day has finally arrived. Yamuna Muktikaran Abhiyan Padyatra began from Barsana with the blessings from Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj, reached Nandgaon, the home town of Shri Krishna and Balram, to get their blessings and finally made to the assembly area where Maha...
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Braj is burning…

Braj is burning, Braj is awake, Braj is concerned, Braj is working hard, Braj is setting up an example, Braj is leading, Braj is shouting, Braj is crying, Braj is determined.....This is the state of every single village and district of Braj. Everywhere you go, you...
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Yamuna Issue Raised in UK Parliament

Issue of Yamuna ji was raised in UK Parliament by  Rt. Hon Keith Vaz, the Member of Parliament from Leicester. It happened due to continuous perusal of devotees there in UK specially by efforts of Mr. Rajesh Rajpara who lives in UK and is a Pushti Marg...
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All Yamuna Supporters Under One Roof

Yesterday was the historic day for Yamuna Muktikaran Abhiyan. With the honest efforts by the true, dedicated, devoted and Bhakta Brajwasis, all of the leading personalities, Saints, Mahants, Acharyas, and Sadhus of Vrindavan were brought together at the same...
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Help Spread The Words

Use Social Media

Today all wold is connected through social media. Spread the cause through the famous social media tools such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinrest etc. Modi government is far more receptive of social media.


Be a volunteer. No one can achieve the goal alone. We ALL must step forward and work together. Take a responsibility. We will be holding demonstrations, events and meetings, participate in such efforts.

Hold Events

You can hold events locally educating people about the real situation of Yamuna issue. All the metterial you need for such events can be downloaded from our site

Write to Govt Officals

Write to the ministers of Indian Goverment who are engagged in water related matters such as minister of Water Resources (Ms Uma Bharti is currently in office). Personlized communication works the best.